Maestro Antique an indonesia company based in Jepara, Central Java. We offer a wide range of Indoor furniture, as well as Antique. Using only the finest solid teak wood, our expert woodworkers individually handcraft all antique reproduction furniture right here in jepara.
Our occasional furniture article on the Indonesia Furniture industry and Indonesia issues in general will keep you informed of updates to our wholesale furniture lines. All of products like Chairs, Dining Table, Coffee Table, Cabinet, Sideboard, Side Table, Bed etc are in high quality.
Price and quality, these are the things which matter most to us. With our reach and professional organisation you are assured the lowest comparable price with consistently reliable quality.
Our Quality control proccess is exhaustive and second to none extending from scientifically based
wood selection through to final going-over before loading. This to us is the key. You can be certain you will only get the best for your money, guaranteed Most of our furniture material is Teak Wood, Mahogany, Mindy, bayur and we make sure that the wood has gone through drying process (kiln dry) in order to prevent the wood from breaking and shrinking, when the products is exported to countries with cold weather. We guarantee high quality, good price and exact delivery time. Considering all aspect within Maestro Antique, we have loyal cutomers throught out the world. we fully ensure an everlasting relationship, in fact, whatever your requierement, Maestro Antique will help you to find you’re looking for.